Panty Altai Maral sliced (slices)

Panty Altai Maral sliced (slices)

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Maral antlers (maral is a subspecies of deer) - young non-ossified horns of an animal in the growth phase. During this period, they are the richest in various microelements, complex organic compounds, salts, amino acids, vitamins and other useful substances.

Antler treatment goes back to ancient times. Due to the healing properties, antlers have found their application in the medicine of many nations. This remedy is especially popular in the East.

Maral antlers are general tonic, psychostimulating, improve physical and mental activity, normalize blood pressure, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, and normalize the function of the thyroid gland. Preparations based on antlers are used for fatigue, neurasthenia, neuroses, asthenic syndrome, hypotension, as well as for adaptation of the body to stressful situations and increased physical exertion. Among other things, antlers accelerate the healing process, are a hemostatic agent.

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12 x 2 x 15
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